Scotland – The Fife Coastal Path

St. Monans Newark Castle

Being avid hikers, we quickly discovered an abundance of interesting hikes and trails that cover all of Scotland.  Considering the winter season, we needed to find some lower level hikes.

We came across an exceptional and well-loved long distance walk in the Kingdom of Fife known as, The Fife Coastal Path.

This 190 kilometre Scottish footpath runs along the Firth of Forth coastline from Kincardine as far as Newburgh on the Firth of Tay .

The natural beauty of the Fife Coastal Path offers stunning views of sandstone, limestone and basalt rocky outcroppings, sculptural rock formations, caves, sand dunes and miles of sandy beaches.

The Fife Coast is a haven for all kinds of sea and wild life as well as a birdwatchers paradise .

If you’re a history buff, there are roman ruins, castles, churches, towers and WWII gun emplacements scattered along the path and amongst quaint seaside fishing villages.

A house sitting opportunity brought us to historic Dunfermline in the Kingdom of Fife (about 17 miles northwest of Edinburgh) during the winter.

Dunfermline turned out to be the perfect base from which to experience Edinburgh, Glasgow and other central areas of Scotland in addition to the Fife Coastal Path.

Scotland has an extensive bus network, so getting around was simple and easy.  We bought a weekly bus pass and were able to do the Fife Coastal Path in segments using Dunfermline as our base.  We’d walk a segment, take the bus home; and then continue where we left off the next day. Of course if you want to walk the entire path in one direction, there are various types of accommodation available along the way.

We followed The Fife Coastal Path Official Guide  giving us invaluable information which made the journey even more interesting and meaningful.

The Path is managed and maintained by the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and is a registered environmental charity.

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